Middle East Tech. Uni. · Physics Dept. · The Electromagnetic Spectrum of Neutron Stars: June 7-18, 2004, Marmaris, Turkey
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Note that any contributing material (talks or posters) distributed within the school
should not be released, distributed, published, copied in any form
(including internet, discussion lists, ftp site etc), outside the school participants.

Only educational and research usage are allowed
if both the author and name of the school is cited accordingly.


  • An ISO file (format used to burn a CD), a TAR.GZ file and a ZIP file will be compiled after the speakers have corrected their minor problems (Jul 7th + 1 week).
  • Since the talk files are rather huge, try to avoid continues downloads.
  • There is no decision on what will be the permission rules after the proceeding is published. So, please visit this page regularly.
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