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1 October, 2003 The First Circular
2 April 30, 2004 The Second Circular

		NATO - Advanced Study Institute (ASI)
	    The Electromagnetic Spectrum of Neutron Stars
			   June 7-18, 2004
			   Marmaris, Turkey

			- The Second Circular -

	Dear colleagues,

	The date of the meeting is closing. We are pleased to inform
	you that we are expecting more than a hundred participants
	from 23 countries. You can find all information about
	Location, Transportation, Lodging, Visa, Schedule of talks and
	other useful information from the web adress at
		http://asi2004.physics.metu.edu.tr/ .
	If you can fill the forms related to your arrival and
	departure dates at
		http://asi2004.physics.metu.edu.tr/forms/ ,
	we will forward your arrival and departure informations to the
	travel agency
		"Oktava travel"
		e-mail: manager@oktavatravel.com,
		phone : +90(252) 413 44 88, +90(252) 413 44 89,
		fax   : +90(252) 413 44 90
	in order to handle your transfers from the airport to hotel
	(will cost about 12 euros). You can also use the Turkish
	Airlines shuttle services (HAVAS busses) from Dalaman airport
	to the center of Marmaris, then you can get a taxi to the
	Pineta hotel which is approximately 4 km from the center of
	Marmaris (will cost 12 euros for the shuttle transfer, 5 euros
	for the taxi transfer). 

	Related to the abstracts and talks;
	- If you have not submited your abstract yet, we kindly
	  request you to submit (lecture, review, contributed talk or
	  poster) through our form submission system mentioned above.
	  The abstract can be in the form of a simple text or (La)TeX
	- Talks can be prepared in any electronic form (Microsoft
	  PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, etc.) or on classical transparency
	- Posters can be presented on a 1m x 1m display area.

         We are looking forward to seeing you in Marmaris.


			       - end -
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