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1 October, 2003 The First Circular
2 April 30, 2004 The Second Circular

		NATO - Advanced Study Institute (ASI)
	    The Electromagnetic Spectrum of Neutron Stars
			   June 7-18, 2004
			   Marmaris, Turkey

			- The First Circular -

	Dear colleagues,

	We have the pleasure to announce NATO Advanced Study Institute
	(ASI) meeting on "The Electromagnetic Spectrum of Neutron Stars"
	which will take place in Marmaris, located in Southwest of
	Turkey during June 7-18, 2004.

	In the past the following schools have been held about Neutron
	Stars and this ASI will be the next one in this series:
	- "Timing Neutron Stars", 1988,
	  edited by H. Ogelman and E. van den Heuvel;
	- "Neutron Stars: Theory and Observation", 1990,
	  edited by J. Ventura and D. Pines;
	- "The Lives of the Neutron Stars", 1994,
	  edited by M.A. Alpar, U. Kiziloglu, J. van Paradijs;
	- "The Many Faces of Neutron Stars", 1996,
	  edited by R. Buccheri, J. van Paradijs, M.A. Alpar;
	- "The Neutron Star Black Hole Connection", 2000,
	  edited by C. Kouveliotou, J. Ventura, E. van den Heuvel.

	This school will focus on, in the broadest sense, namely
	neutrinos and gravitational radiation along with the
	electromagnetic spectrum. The topics of the meeting will
        - Formation of Neutron Stars
        - Neutron Star Structure and Magnetic Field
        - Neutrinos
        - Gravitational waves
        - Cooling and Atmospheres of Neutron Stars
        - Pulsars
        - X-ray Binaries and Accretion Powered Pulsars
        - Millisecond oscillations
        - Gamma Ray Bursts, Magnetars
        - Science with current and future X and Gamma-Ray Missions

	If you would like to receive further details about this
	ASI through subsequent mailings, please submit your
	contact information through our on-line application form,
	accessible on

	If you can think of colleagues who might also be interested in
	this ASI, please forward this message to them.

	Scientific Organizing Committee:
	A. Baykal 	(Director, Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
	S.A. Grebenev 	(Co-director, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
	M.A. Alpar 	(Sabanci University, Turkey)
	N. d'Amico 	(Osservatorio Astronomica di Cagliar, Italy)
	M. Gilfanov 	(Max-Planck Institut fur Astrophysik, Germany and
			Space Research Institute, Russia)
	H. Ogelman 	(University of Wisconsin, USA)
	C. Kouveliotou 	(National Space Science and Technology Center, USA)
	U. Kiziloglu 	(Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
	R. Sunyaev 	(Max-Planck Institut fur Astrophysik, Germany and
			Space Research Institute, Russia)
	J. Taylor 	(Princeton University, USA)
	J. Trumper 	(Max-Planck Institut fur Astrophysik, Germany)
	E. van den Heuvel 	(University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
	M. van der Klis (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
	J. Ventura 	(University of Crete, Greece)

	Local Organizing Committee:
	S. Balman 	(Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
        S.K. Yerli      (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
	E. Gogus 	(Sabanci University, Turkey)
	U. Ertan 	(Sabanci University, Turkey)
	S.C. Inam 	(Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

			       - end -
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